Therapies available

Physiotherapists don't use drugs; they help the body to treat itself by using its own natural healing mechanisms. They have a wide range of treatment techniques at their fingertips. All their work is designed to relieve pain, aid recovery, restore good health and help patients to prevent the same thing happening again.

All manual or hands on therapies work by assisting the body to heal and balance itself. Some touch therapies are particularly holistic, bringing healing to body, mind and spirit. Since its emergence as an independent profession over 100 years ago the physiotherapy has adapted and improved its treatment techniques and increased the range and number of patients it can help. People nowadays are looking for an holistic approach to the treatment of illness and disease which chartered physiotherapists agree is all important. They will always look at the whole person, and that is exactly the approach that Hermione uses, taking into account previous medical history, work, lifestyle, etc. before making a diagnosis and devising a treatment programme tailored to an individual's needs.


Physiotherapy involves the accurate diagnosis of muscle, joint, connective tissue and functional imbalances, in order to plan a treatment programme specifically designed to promote healing and restore function. Therapist and patient work together as a team. The programme may include exercises for home practice, massage, manipulation, and electrotherapy or one or other of the following therapies, where that is considered appropriate.


CranioSacral is a wonderful, gentle therapy, is designed to improve the flow of the fluid which bathes the brain and spinal cord. This natural flow of fluid is intrinsic to the life and health of all body cells. There is almost no condition that CranioSacral therapy does not help, but it has been found particularly useful in the treatment of any condition causing pain, particularly back, neck and face pain, headaches, problems associated with the nervous system, stress related illnesses, dyslexia and more.

Yoga as Therapy

Yoga as Therapy involves techniques instructing the individual in yoga postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques to improve specific health problems. Good for back pain, arthritis, breathing difficulties and stress.

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation is gentle massage and manipulation of the internal organs, either to improve their function or to improve conditions of internal or external pain. It can be a useful approach for difficult to treat spinal pain because of the ligamentous links of the viscera to the skeletal cage of the spine, abdomen and thorax. These ligaments if scarred or shortened through illness or surgery, may exert abnormal tensions on the spine.

How to book an appointment

Appointments for treatment can be booked (or requests for further information) through our Contact us page


I was unable to go out alone, unable to drive the car, unable to do the simplest task and having to use a wheelchair to go more than a very short distance. For pain control I was on morphine continuously for over a year, until that is I saw you. Now after just 6 weeks I am able to walk with semblance of normality and manage without a stick for short periods. I can drive the car again. I can go out alone. In short life is beginning to look good. This improvement I attribute to your considerable and varied skills. You have been unfailingly supportive, are versatile in the use of your many healing skills and in finding exercises for me to work at so that I regain strength and mobility. I owe you a great debt and have no hesitation in recommending you to two of my friends who are in trouble.

Mrs W, Reading, Berkshire